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All iPhone 15 rumors in a nutshell

All iPhone 15 rumors in a nutshell

Soon there will be a new line from Apple on the market. It's still a few months before we officially know what the next generation iPhone will look like, but rumors about the new features and the look of the iPhone are already doing the rounds. The new line will consist of four models; the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. We can expect these models on the market in September 2023.

So far it seems that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be an updated version of their predecessor, the iPhone 14. A fresh, renewed design with a USB-C connection. Due to regulatory requirements in Europe, all iPhone 15 models will have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port. USB-C means the same charger and cable configuration can be used for iPhones, iPads and Macs, along with, of course, all other devices that use USB-C.

The iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to have a lot of new things to offer. With these new models, Apple introduces thinner, curved edges and a new type of titanium. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to measure 6.1 inches and the iPhone 15 Pro Max to measure 6.7 inches, identical to the iPhone 14 Pro models. Rumors thus suggest that Apple will switch to titanium for the iPhone 15 models this year. Titanium is lighter and stronger, but at the same time more expensive because it is more difficult to work with. The frame of the iPhone would therefore be more resistant to dents and bending, but it can be damaged more quickly due to the fragile oxide layer and cause small scratches. In addition to being lighter, titanium also has a different finish. Instead of the smooth steel, titanium has a more matte texture. This ensures that the frame doesn't attract fingerprints like the iPhone 14 Pro does.

The physical buttons we know from the iPhone 14 models disappear and make way for solid-state buttons with haptic feedback. These buttons work in the same way as a physical button, but do not require an actual button press. By means of haptic vibrations, pressing a button is simulated. In 2021, there were rumors that Apple would use round volume buttons for the iPhone 14 models. This did not happen, but it is certainly possible that the rumors were actually about the iPhone 15 models. It is not really clear whether Apple will change the design of the buttons. However, it is expected that the solid-state buttons will be used for both the volume controls and the power button.

The iPhone Pro models are also getting some camera improvements. For example, the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro series introduces a new periscope camera technology, but the update is limited to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. By turning the camera lenses a quarter turn, more distance can be created between the lens and the sensor. There is also talk of 10x optical zoom, while it is currently still 3x. In the iPhone 15 Pro models you can expect 8 GB of RAM, while the current models still have 6 GB of RAM. This therefore only applies to the Pro models, while the standard models still have 6GB of RAM. Furthermore, all iPhone 15 Pro models get a new A17 Bionic chip, while the standard models get the A16 Bionic chip from a year earlier. . The improved chip is especially necessary with the Pro models to ensure that all functions run smoothly.

Apple usually offers a new color every year, and rumors suggest that this year's color will be a deep red. The iPhone 15 models could therefore be available in a dark red / burgundy color. This red shade will be available in addition to the standard silver/gold and space grey.

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