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About us

At Molano, we build a sustainable world, one device at a time. As an Amsterdam-based refurbished Apple device wholesaler, Molano reduces the environmental footprint of the smartphone industry by extending the lifespan of Apple hardware. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, we’re setting up reliable supply chains to provide all market segments with the right quality refurbished devices.

Grading is the core business of Molano

Extending the lifespan of hardware devices is a matter of ensuring that nothing goes to waste. The proverb “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” exactly describes our vision on each device that enters our grading pipeline. Different buyers have different demands, which sometimes complement each other, sometimes intersect, and sometimes are completely disjoint from one another. Our broad experience with Apple hardware and extensive international network provide us with the essential knowledge in mapping the demands of specific market segments to the classifications produced by our grading methodology. The grading system is fully data-driven using a plethora of metrics - producing a consistent quality in all grades defined by Molano. This ensures the most optimal life cycle of Apple devices, so that each device is eventually directed to the right buyer. And even devices that are at the end of their lifespans, can often still be used for parts.

Moving forward to Refurbishment-as-a-Service

Building out on our core business, Molano contributes towards a flourishing circular economy with our full-service repair and grading facility (planned 2022). A unified service and distribution point for any customer demand - from retailers and repair shops to wholesalers and corporations, our facility functions as the hub that distributes and redistributes Apple devices. Devices go in and go out, and in each cycle are subjected to our thorough grading processes. The returns of one buyer might often serve the demand of another, delaying the retirement of a device as long as possible, and eventually decommissioning it into parts and raw materials suitable for recycling.

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