The Refurbishing Process: What Happens to a Phone Before It's Resold?

The Refurbishing Process: What Happens to a Phone Before It's Resold?

With the rapid evolution of technology, more and more people are opting to upgrade their smartphones to benefit from the latest features and performance. But what happens to the old phone once it's been replaced? That's where the refurbishment process comes in. In this blog, we'll explore this little-known process that gives a second-hand phone a new lease of life.

⚙️ Initial assessment

It all starts with a thorough assessment of the phone. A qualified technician examines the overall condition of the device, paying particular attention to the screen, casing, buttons and ports. They will also check whether the phone is locked with a password or PIN code, as this will require a reset.

🧽 Dismantling and cleaning

After the initial assessment, the phone is carefully dismantled. Internal components such as the battery, motherboard, camera, and other elements are removed for a thorough cleaning. All dust, dirt and adhesive residues are removed. Damaged or worn parts are identified for replacement.

🧩 Component repair and replacement

Once cleaned, parts are examined closely. Faulty or worn components are replaced with high-quality replacements. The battery is often one of the key components to be replaced, as it can degrade over time. Cracked screens are also common and are replaced to ensure a perfect display.

👩🏼‍💻 Updating the software

The phone's operating system is completely reset. All personal data is erased to protect the privacy of the previous user. The phone is then updated with the latest version of the operating system (currently IOS 16), ensuring that it works with the latest features and security patches.

👀 Rigorous testing

Before leaving the refurbishment workshop, the phone undergoes a series of rigorous tests. Basic functions such as calls, messages, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are checked to make sure they work properly. The camera is tested to ensure high-quality photos. Overall performance, including processor speed and touchscreen responsiveness, is also assessed.

📦 Packaging and resale

Once the phone has passed all the tests, it is ready for resale. At Molano, we even offer guarantees to reassure potential buyers about the quality of the product.

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