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Internationale Dag van de Aarde

International Earth Day

International Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April. The day was established in 1970 to raise awareness of environmental issues such as air, water and soil pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and other threats to the planet. 🌍

Since its inception, the day has become an important opportunity for governments, environmental organisations, businesses and citizens around the world to mobilise and work together to protect our planet. Events are organised around the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices.

It is important to remember that International Earth Day should not be the only day of the year when we care about the environment. We should all be taking steps to protect our planet on a daily basis, whether it's reducing our energy consumption, using public transport or cycling instead of driving, reducing our use of plastic, eating sustainably or simply recycling.

At Molano we make it possible for you to recycle your electronic devices. You can sell them back to us or buy second-hand devices such as phones, tablets, computers of various brands. By choosing to buy second-hand products, you too will be participating in the circular economy and helping the planet.

Ultimately, International Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate our planet and take concrete action to protect it. By working together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come, so don't hesitate to order on our website.

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