Let’s talk about sustainability 🍃

Let’s talk about sustainability 🍃

A roundtrip from Amsterdam to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, roughly equals the production of a brand new MacBook and iPhone. By choosing refurbished products, companies can make a fundamental difference in reducing our global carbon footprint.

The numbers speak volumes: in the Netherlands alone, the sale and use of refurbished iPhones alone, amounted for an estimated reduction of a near thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, in just over two months. Yes, that is one *million* kilograms.

Imagine the effects of extending the lifetime of Apple hardware has on building a sustainable economy. What seems trivial at first sight, delivers a massive contribution in combating carbon emissions.

How many devices are circulating in your organization? Molano is keen to engage with you in moving towards sustainability and regulatory compliance. A device re-used or refurbished is one less device produced, and Molano-used/refurbished devices are the best available in the market.

As the Glasgow conference emphasized: we MUST reduce carbon emissions. Issuing refurbished devices to your personnel is a small, simple, yet very effective way in lowering your organizations’ carbon footprint.

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