Wholesale of Apple products

As an Apple wholesaler, we sell all types of Apple products. Among other things, we sell almost all models of iPhones: from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course, we have all colours, all storage capacities and various grades to make your choice more precise. 

We have precisely 6 grades, from A+ to C. The A+ grade allows you to get a phone that is almost new, 0 scratches, 0 impacts, nothing. Grade A may have some almost imperceptible problems. Grade B+ may have 2 to 3 almost imperceptible problems too. From grade B onwards, the problems start to be more noticeable but there will be no more than 3 for this grade. For grade C+ there are 5 problems and for grade C there are 5 problems but they are more visible.

All these devices have Face ID, Touch ID, a touch screen and advanced technology.

We don't just sell iPhones, we also sell MacBooks and iPads. As well as being an Apple iPhone wholesaler, Apple iPad wholesaler and Apple MacBook wholesaler, we are also very picky about delivery times and can promise very fast delivery.

Apple is not our only focus, we plan to expand our offerings to many brands. We are targeting Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Wiko...etc.