Circular economy

The benefits of a refurbished device

The benefits of a refurbished device

In times of health crisis 🦠, it is important to look beyond the present. And for that, it is necessary to pass by the protection of the ecology. 

Why not start by buying a refurbished product?

Thanks to Molano, you can do something for the environment and at the same time get an almost new Apple product at a good price.

The refurbished phone is a real advantage for the planet, because new phones are one of the main causes of pollution. Due to the exploitation of rare earths and the extraction strategy, the lifting of radioactive ores has a very negative impact on the air. However, this is a necessary process for the manufacture of phone components. Companies such as Apple are pushing the consumption of their products with the regular release of new models. According to a study, we change our phones about every 3 years, but this is too much for the planet. That's why, even if it's better to keep your phone as long as possible, choosing a reconditioned phone is the best eco-responsible alternative. Giving a second life to a cell phone reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86% compared to a factory-bought phone. 🌎

Now, you might say that if you are going to change your smartphone, you might as well get a new one to ensure that it will remain operational in the long term... Because if it is second hand, will it necessarily be worn out? Well, not necessarily. More than just a second-hand smartphone, a refurbished one is a product that has been refurbished by experts. At Molano in any case, it is completely reset, cleaned of course, and above all thoroughly tested. All checkpoints are performed on each product that is put on sale under the refurbished label, to ensure that it is 100% operational. It will also be covered by the warranty for 30 days. That's reassuring, but it's not all.

This solution is also more ecological, since you give a second life to a smartphone.

Even from a purely aesthetic point of view, some merchants offer reconditioned smartphones in "very good condition" in terms of appearance, unfortunately with potentially parts from China. Molano promises refurbished devices while leaving the product with original Apple parts. 📱🍎

By opting for a refurbished device from Molano, you'll be participating in the circular economy while enjoying a smartphone that looks like new. And the best part is that you get it for less 💶. Yes, the last big advantage of a refurbished phone is that, by its very nature, it is obviously less expensive than the same model never taken out of its box. This is what allows you to crack without feeling too guilty!

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