The evolution of the refurbished phone market

The evolution of the refurbished phone market
Approximately 350,000 phones are thrown away each year worldwide.
Phones alone will account for around 16% of the footprint of all digital technologies by 2025. This is due to their costly manufacturing and exploitation of scarce resources with a high CO2 impact.

The average life span of a phone is just under 3 years. People are used to changing their phone despite the fact that it often still works very well.

The good news is that the second-hand mobile phone market is booming: today, almost 225 million smartphones have been sold second-hand.
What's more, these days just under 80% of the components that make up a mobile phone are recyclable. ♻️

To affirm once again that the second-hand market is on the rise 📈, we can observe that the more generations have advanced, the more technologies have advanced, and consequently, the price of mobiles has increased. Today you can find phones at 1500€ each. This is why people also prefer to buy cheaper phones in good condition, i.e. second-hand phones, to avoid wasting too much money on one device.

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