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Why buy a second-hand phone from Molano?

Why buy a second-hand phone from Molano?

The used phones we sell are screened before being resold. Indeed, we have professional technicians who check the condition of the devices through detailed grading and classification procedures to provide consistent quality in our refurbished Apple devices. We also have innovative repair and processing facilities to ensure reliable production. Finally, our technicians implement advanced IT solutions to integrate our services with your systems, such as (virtual) warehousing, dropshipping or online shop applications.

After this check, our phones are classified according to 6 very detailed grades (A+, A, B+, B, C+ and C) for maximum precision in the choice of your devices. 👨‍💻

And here is the description of our grades: 

For the A+ the iPhone is as good as new, but may contain imperceptible traces of use. The A grade will be almost imperceptible. For the other grades, we can find some problems such as: scratches, discoloration, pitting, stains on the case, bumps. For the B+ grade there will be no more than 3. For the B, C+, and C, no more than 5. On the other hand, on the C+ grade there will be noticeable traces of use, and on the C grade, significant traces of use.

What's more, second-hand phones sold by Molano BV come with a one-month warranty, which can be extended to six months. The contracts cover both defective parts and the labour required to replace them.

Thirdly, we ensure that all phones passing through our premises are unlocked by any operator for simpler, more efficient use and above all for a much wider range of customers. 👥

And finally, Molano BV offers a delivery time of 24 to 48 hours, with a personalized order follow-up with the possibility of choosing the place of delivery, the delivery time, etc. 📦

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