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Circular Economy by Molano

Circular Economy by Molano
At Molano, we are part of the circular economy. But what do we think the circular economy is?
Well, it is simply the fact of producing goods in a sustainable way over time to limit consumption but also the waste of resources and waste. We should finally move from a society that decides to throw everything away to a system based on a circulating economy.
In the form of a diagram, imagine a circle where the first stage would be to extract resources (plastic, glass, ferrous materials, etc.) and then use them to produce everyday objects (phones, tablets, computers, etc.). When they leave the factory, these products are made to be bought by society; the condition of the product is considered new at that moment. Our company is positioned exactly at this point: between consumption and reuse. We buy back phones that have already been used once and then resell them in small or medium quantities to independent resellers or larger shops. The latter will then resell to you the electronic devices we offer on our website and WE Molano, the RESELLER and YOU, the private individuals, all participate in the circular economy.
Last step, at the end of the use of your second hand device, we advise you to recycle it by returning it to its original supplier (Apple, Samsung, Huawei...) who will be able to reuse its parts or to resell it to a third consumer, but DO NOT throw it away.

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