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What is the difference between a refurbished and a used iPhone?

What is the difference between a refurbished and a used iPhone?
Today, the market for used and refurbished phones continues to evolve day by day. With world leaders such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi releasing new phones every year or so, society can't help but buy the latest phones to keep up with the latest technology. On the other hand, the price of phones is also increasing and it is now more and more difficult to get a new phone at a good price. For some, it can be astronomical at over a thousand euros.

But what is a second-hand phone?
A used phone is a phone that has already been used before you buy it, none of the internal or external parts have been changed (100% original Apple) and the price is completely off. Wholesalers such as us resell these phones.

And what is a refurbished phone?
A refurbished phone, just like a used phone, has already been used before you use it. The only notable difference is that technicians will intentionally change all the parts of the phone so that the device is completely refurbished. This kind of phone is a bit more expensive than the used ones because there is the cost of the new parts.

So what are the differences now?

1/ The price
Refurbished phones are a little more expensive than second-hand ones because of the cost of new parts. Second hand phones are more interesting for people with a smaller budget.

2/ The warranty
Second-hand phones are generally not covered by a warranty, unless the seller (such as us) provides one. In any case, the warranty on used phones will be less important than the warranty on refurbished phones, as there is a greater chance that a refurbished phone will break down due to the source of the parts (China, etc.).

3/ The condition of the iPhone
Refurbished iPhones are necessarily in perfect condition as all parts of the phone have been refurbished. A used phone will have several grades (in our case, from grade A+: perfect condition, to grade C: satisfactory condition), so there is a wider choice on used phones.

4/ The variety of choice
Refurbished iPhones are generally easier to find than used ones, as they are sold by specialist retailers. Used iPhones can be harder to find, as they are usually sold between individuals.

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