What is the difference between cosmetics and functionality?

What is the difference between cosmetics and functionality?
Buying a second-hand phone is certainly the easiest way to get a new phone for less. But have you ever wondered whether a physically used phone is as functional as a physically new one?

Cosmetics and functionality are note the same at all.

At Molano, we offer phones ranging from satisfactory to like-new condition. Grade A+ for example will be the least damaged grade, 0 defects, no signs of wear. On the other hand, we also offer Grade C which is a lower cost way to get a 100% functional phone (with a more basic physical condition).

And yes, as you may have read, even grade C is 100% functional, just as much as our grade A or our grade B. At Molano, we do our utmost to guarantee you a quality phone: when we receive our products, a team of qualified technicians will test them from top to bottom in order to evaluate if :
​1/ all parts are original
And 2/ if all the functionalities work properly (touch, camera, microphone...etc.)

Know that whether it is our cheapest phone, or in less good physical condition, the phone we sell you works perfectly well. And if by mistake we send you a defective device, our company offers you a 30-day guarantee, extendable to 6 months.

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