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How to save the life of your iPhone battery ?

How to save the life of your iPhone battery ?

We've all been in the situation where at some point in the day... Boom: no battery! You may also have noticed that over time your phone's battery is not holding up as well as when you bought it.

You can check this information in the settings under the "battery" tab and then "battery status". If your battery is at less than 100%, it has already started to wear out.

Changing the battery of your phone is a cost and we will therefore in this article to give some tips to minimize the degradation of your battery.


1/ Don't overcharge your device:

Many people have not yet understood this, but it is often better to charge your phone in small doses, rather than waiting for it to switch off and then charging it overnight. It is best to always charge it above 50%.



2/ Don't activate connectivity settings unnecessarily

Whether it's Bluetooth, cellular data, connection sharing or Wi-Fi, if you don't need them, turn them off.


3/ Sort out your applications often

I think everyone has downloaded an application and then left it in a corner without using it anymore. This is something you should never do because an application uses a lot of energy, especially if it sends notifications, so it's best to uninstall them, and for all the others, just close them from your background.


4/ Set the lock mode

In the iPhone settings, in "brightness and display" and then in "auto-lock" you can set a time so that when you don't use your phone any more, it will lock after a certain period of time, which will prevent you from losing a lot of battery power if you forget to turn it off.


5/ Turn off the vibrate mode

The vibrate mode is certainly useful when you are looking for your phone in silent mode, but it is also very energy consuming. In fact, removing the vibrator from your calls and keyboard keys will undoubtedly save you a lot of downloading time.


If you follow all these tips, you won't have to get into a bad situation or ask for someone's charger.

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