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Release iPhone 14 expectations

Release iPhone 14 expectations

Like every year, Apple will release its new iPhone very soon: the iPhone 14. If we follow the release of the old iPhones these last years, we can expect to see it released by September with a possibility to pre-order them 1 or 2 weeks before.


What are the changes we expect to see in iPhone 14?


Aesthetics :


  • Materials used: Titanium would replace steel in the chassis. A slightly more expensive material, it will allow the device to be less heavy.


  • The notch of the selfie camera: this notch which does not allow us to watch our videos and our series on our phone in full screen should definitively disappear (place Picture within blog). The camera would be placed under the screen in the form of a round with an extra pill shape to stand out from its competitors. (iPhone 14 Pro only)


  • Connectors: the Lightning charging port is expected to be present again rather than a USB-C port, despite pressure from the European Union on this issue. The iPhone 14 will also be compatible with Apple's new accessory: the 35W 2-port USB-C adapter (capable of charging two devices at the same time).


  • Touch ID or Face ID? As we know, Apple wants to add a Touch ID (invisible) under the screen, but it will not be for this generation of iPhone.


  • Size: the size of the iPhone 14 will be slightly larger and the rear camera block as well. It will be 6.1 inches for the 14 and 14 pro and 6.7 inches for the 14 Max and 14 Pro Max.


 The models :


  • iPhone 14: As usual, the completely basic 14th generation model.


  • iPhone 14 Max: Yes, the 14 will also have its own large size. For anyone who doesn't want to spend too much money and still have a large phone, the 14 Max is for you.


  • iPhone 14 Pro: Just like the 11, 12 and 13 the 14 Pro will soon be on the market with a higher photo quality and screen quality than the basic model.


  • iPhone 14 Pro Max : Like the 3 previous years, the pro will also have its big format for the big phone fans or the small eyes.


The 14 Mini will not see the light of day, indeed the 12 mini had been a failure and the production of the 13 Mini had already well advanced to stop it, that's why from the 14, the mini models will not see the light of day.


The autonomy :


According to the latest information, the iPhone 14 will have a better autonomy than the iPhone 13, thanks to its new chip (5G + Wi-Fi) which is much less energy consuming.

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