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How to work with Dropshipping?

How to work with Dropshipping?
First of all, what is Drop Shipping?

It is the fact of buying products from a wholesaler at a low price and then reselling them to consumers with a margin that the intermediary will receive. It is an organisation of logistics and shipping of parcels that is almost exclusively practiced in the context of online sales. This organisation will affect 3 types of people: the supplier/wholesaler (in this case Molano), the reseller and the final consumer.
What is the procedure?

The reseller will place the order with the wholesaler at the customer's address. The wholesaler will manage his stock, take the desired product and send it directly to the address of the final consumer. The intermediary will only have placed the order but will not have taken care of anything else.
What are your advantages, dear reseller?

1/ Firstly, you will not have to manage your stocks, there is no way to make mistakes. You won't have to prepare the shipment of the product either, i.e. packaging and shipping. Thanks to this significant time saving, it will be easier for you to concentrate on the visibility of your company and your future sales.

2/ Secondly, an equally economic gain. Indeed, the management of a stock can be more or less expensive. In any case, this management represents a cost. So referring to drop shipping allows you to make these costs totally zero.

We have put together a small panel of sites that you can use to launch your drop shipping business:
- Woocommerce
- Shopify
These sites will allow you to be directly connected to our website If one of your customers places an order on your website, we will receive the order in our servers and we will be able to send the parcel directly to the information that your customer has entered.

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