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iPhone 12 VS iPhone 13

iPhone 12 VS iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are one of the latest models. The 12 released in 2020 and the 13 in 2021 are the most expensive models at the moment. The 12 starts at 809€ and the 13 starts at 909€, but apart from the price, what are the real differences and similarities between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 13?


These two will not be in competition in terms of :

Their video quality (4K and 30 frames per second), Face ID, their ruggedness (6 meters max. underwater - 30 minutes max. ), their means of charging (Lightning cable wireless charger Magsafe), their sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, UWB chip, NFC to pay with Apple Pay, proximity detector to turn off the screen during calls, luxmeter, barometer), their speakers which are both equipped with spatial audio and voice assistance which remains Siri since the creation of the first iPhone.


As for the differences, they are a bit superficial.

- The design: It's almost the same on iPhone 12 as on iPhone 13: the materials used are the same, and to the eye you won't see any notable differences. The only small differences will be in the thickness of the phone: the iPhone 13 is a hair thicker than the iPhone 12 (+0.15mm) and also in the photo sensors, on the 13, the lenses are a little larger. It is then in the choice of colours that the design will differ. Purple, blue, green, red, white and black for the 12 and we will find neither black nor purple but rather pink and a midnight blue for the 13, the other colours remain similar. 🎨


- The screen: 2nd difference concerning this time the screen, the iPhone 13 has a new technology that could not be found in the previous iPhones. This is ProMotion (120 Hz refresh rate), which makes the screen much brighter and better quality. The screen also takes up more space on the front of the phone, so watching videos is much more enjoyable on it. 📱


- The performance: Featuring the latest A15 bionic chip, the iPhone 13 performs better than the iPhone 12 which was left with the A14 Bionic.💪🏻


- Photos: On the cameras, the differences are really minimal, in both cases we have 12 Megapixel front and rear sensors. There's also wide angle and ultra wide angle mode on both. But while the iPhone 12 only has what is known as classic stabilisation, the iPhone 13 moves its sensor for optimum efficiency. Cinematic mode is also only available on the 13. 📸


- The battery: According to Apple, the iPhone 13 is more enduring than the 12 when watching video. Up to 2h more in video playback and 4h more in streaming. For audio playback, the 13 can even go up to 10 hours longer! Finally, when it comes to charging, both phones charge equally fast (100% in 1h with the fast plug). 🔋

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