The latest trends in the refurbished electronics sector

The latest trends in the refurbished electronics sector

The latest trends in the refurbished electronics sector


The refurbished electronics market is growing rapidly, driven by environmental considerations, economic benefits for consumers and improved warranty policies on the part of suppliers. Here are the trends in this sector for the coming years:



  1. Sustainability and environmental awareness


- Reducing e-waste: Society is increasingly aware of the environmental impact of e-waste. The purchase of reconditioned equipment helps to reduce this volume of waste. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe), choosing a refurbished smartphone can reduce your ecological footprint by 77% to 91% compared with buying a new device. By opting for a refurbished phone, you are also helping to prevent the extraction of 82 kilograms of raw materials and reduce the production of 23 kilograms of greenhouse gases.


- Circular economy: The focus is on the circular economy, where products are used, reused, repaired and resold rather than thrown away.


  1. Improving standards and certifications


- Quality certifications: Certifications such as the software used for testing or the words "tested and refurbished by Apple" guarantee consumers that refurbished products meet high quality standards. At Molano, we offer bundles of CPO and ASIS devices for purchase directly from Apple. And when our technicians test the devices directly (what we call HSO) we of course mention the product's characteristics as well as the software we use, "Dr. Phone".


- Extensive warranties: Suppliers offer warranties comparable to those on new products, increasing consumer confidence. With us, our customers can choose the length of the warranty for maximum satisfaction.


  1. Market expansion


- Wide range of products: Beyond smartphones and computers, the market is expanding to include other types of electronics such as cameras, games consoles and small household appliances. Offering a varied choice of products is the key to staying competitive.


- Growth of dedicated platforms: More and more online platforms are specialising in the sale of refurbished electronic products, offering a wide selection and after-sales services. Molano's international team (English, French, Dutch, Portuguese...etc.), enables our customers to be in contact with one of our sales representatives 24 hours a day, facilitating communication and service throughout the purchasing process.


  1. Innovations


- Customisation: Offering customisation options for used or reconditioned devices is a major competitive advantage. With us, you can choose the design of the box, with the option of adding your logo, website, etc.


  1. Collaborations and partnerships


- Partnerships between manufacturers and reconditioning suppliers: Collaborations are emerging between original manufacturers and reconditioning companies to offer resale and recycling solutions such as CPO or ASIS, for example.


- Return and exchange initiatives: Return and exchange programmes encourage consumers to recycle their old appliances, facilitating access to reconditioned appliances.


  1. Consumer awareness and education


- Awareness campaigns: Efforts to educate consumers about the advantages of refurbished products in terms of cost and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important, which is why it's important to write articles and strengthen your position on the various networks. You can find all our articles here:


- Transparency: Another trend is to be as transparent as possible about the repackaging and testing process, which will boost consumer confidence. If you have any questions on this subject, don't hesitate to contact one of our sales agents, or read the blog "The Refurbishing Process: What Happens to a Phone Before It's Resold?



By choosing a refurbished smartphone from us, you're not only part of a global movement for sustainability and reduced environmental impact, but you're also benefiting from high quality, tested and approved devices, while saving a considerable amount of money. Join our community of responsible consumers today and make a difference, one appliance at a time.

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