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What to expect from iOS 18: A preview of what's to come !

What to expect from iOS 18: A preview of what's to come !

What to expect from iOS 18: A preview of what's to come !

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and Apple is no exception. Every year, Apple users eagerly await iOS updates, anticipating new features that could transform their daily interaction with their devices. Here's what we know about iOS 18 so far.


  1. Support for RCS in the Messages application

One of the most eagerly awaited innovations is the integration of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard into Apple's Messages application. This update promises to considerably improve interactions between iPhone and Android device users. On the menu are higher resolution photos and videos, audio messages, input indicators and read receipts, as well as the ability to send messages over Wi-Fi. This feature is particularly eagerly awaited for group discussions, promising a smoother, more integrated experience.


  1. Design changes

Apple is also planning to refresh the design of the iOS user interface. Although the specific details are still unclear, expectations are high for this change. Users are hoping for a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface that could also incorporate innovative navigation gestures and increased customisation.



  1. Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence

iOS 18 is expected to mark a turning point with the introduction of new features based on artificial intelligence. Expect an improved version of Siri capable of performing complex tasks via simple voice commands. An AI chatbot could also make an appearance, offering more natural interactions and proactive assistance to users.



  1. Greater customisation of the home screen

Personalisation is at the heart of our expectations, with the possibility of adjusting the home screen in a more flexible way. Users will be able to choose specific arrangements and create empty spaces for an organisation that better reflects their preferences and lifestyle.



  1. Release date and compatibility

iOS 18 is scheduled to be announced at WWDC 2024 (June 10 this year), with a beta release in July followed by a public launch in September. Rumours suggest that all devices compatible with iOS 17 should also be compatible with iOS 18.



  1. Other potential features

Other potential features include new accessibility modes, a hearing aid mode for AirPods Pro, and an update to the Freeform app incorporating a new feature called 'Scenes'. A name change from 'Apple ID' to 'Apple Account' could also be one of the changes in iOS 18.


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