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World Earth Day 2024

World Earth Day 2024

World Earth Day 2024


Every year on 22 April, the world celebrates Earth Day, an opportunity to reflect on our environmental impact and take action to protect our planet. With this in mind, it's essential to highlight the efforts of companies that are making sustainability an integral part of their business model. At Molano, we stand out for our desire to add value to electronic products, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and business can go hand in hand.


The importance of sustainability in the B2B sector 💼

In the B2B sector, sustainability is not only an ecological necessity, but also a vector for economic growth and resilience. Adopting sustainable practices allows companies to reduce operational costs, improve their brand image and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Molano, by specialising in the sale of second-hand electronics, helps its customers and end consumers to minimise their carbon footprint while optimising their budget.


Earth Day 🌍

Initially launched in 1970 in the United States, this day quickly became a global movement, recognised by more than 193 countries. It aims to educate people and businesses about environmental issues such as global warming, pollution and biodiversity loss, and to encourage action for a more sustainable future. Through various activities such as community clean-ups, tree planting, conferences and educational workshops, Earth Day encourages everyone to think about their consumption habits and their impact on the planet. It's an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to sustainability and to promote long-term positive change for the environment.


Earth Day is a powerful reminder of the urgent need to take concrete action to protect our planet. At Molano, we try to lead by example every day, proving that innovation and sustainability can strengthen business while benefiting the environment. It is essential that other companies follow this example and integrate sustainable practices into their operations. Together, we can make a significant difference for the Earth.

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