Refurbished Phone

The refurbished phone is a real asset for the planet, as new phones are one of the main causes of pollution.

A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that used to belong to someone but which companies like Molano, with its team of qualified sales and technical staff, give a second life to.

In what way?

Firstly, by checking the internal functioning of the phone with the "check phone" software which allows to check points such as the microphone, the camera, the touch screen...etc.

And secondly by changing several physical characteristics such as the screen, the battery, the motherboard...etc. 

To ensure that it is 100% operational, the parts we change come from the same supplier as Apple itself. The phone will also be covered by a warranty.

If the battery is good, we do not change it and all our batteries are guaranteed to be above 85% for effective use of the phone.

Following these checks, the iPhone is listed under the "refurbished" label and becomes like new again at a much lower price and with a recognised ecological approach.

By opting for a refurbished device from Molano, you will be participating in the circular economy while enjoying a fully functional smartphone.