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iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB

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iPhone 8 Plus
80% De batterie et au-dessus

Tous les appareils ont été entièrement testés sur plus de 50 points et ont été jugés entièrement fonctionnels. Tous les appareils sont accompagnés d'une garantie de 30 jours sur toutes les fonctionnalités.


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Second-hand device

We guarantee products that are 100% Apple original

Tested by our professionals

Our phones are inspected by qualified technicians and are the result of a rigorous evaluation with 50 different test points.


The battery is guaranteed above 85% and works optimally.


A Retina HD Multi-Touch screen of 5.5 inches (14cm diagonal) with a Home button.

Touch ID

With Apple’s Touch ID on the Home button, it’s now possible to unlock your phone a simple touch. Able to recognize the fingerprint of a particular person, security comes first.


Dual 12MP camera (wide angle and telephoto) with portrait mode, auto HDR and 4K video. True Depth 7MP front camera with portrait mode and FaceTime HD.


64GB, 128GB or 256GB, the choice is wide. It will be necessary to privilege a more important storage for the people wishing to download many applications or taking many photos and videos.

IOS System

IOS 16 allows you to be at the cutting edge of technology (latest Apple operating system to date).

Wireless charging

The iPhone 8 is the first phone that can charge wirelessly. No hassle, just drop the phone into the cradle.

Price compared to new

Save a lot of money compared to the price of the new iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (919€).

Electronic waste avoided

Participate in the circular economy by limiting consumption, resource waste and waste production. About 202g less electronic waste.

Learn more about iPhone 8 Plus

In September 2017, Apple completed its collection of mobile phones with its 11th generation: the iPhone 8 Plus, succeeding the iPhone 7 Plus. The design differs slightly from previous smartphones: the back of the phone is made entirely of glass and no longer of aluminium, which allows the smartphones to be inductively charged only by being placed on a cradle, i.e. without a cable. With a 4.7-inch screen, a 12-megapixel camera block, and an Apple A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone 8 Plus comes in a variety of sizes, colours and storage capacities. This latest A11 processor is actually a hexa-core, which means it has two cores that are 10% more powerful and four cores that are 70% more powerful than the Apple A10 found in iPhone 7's. With the latest update to Apple's operating system, you can afford to get a fully functional mobile phone with 100% genuine Apple internal and external parts. If you enjoyed the iPhone 8 Plus, we can recommend the next best thing: the SE 2020, which you can also find on our website, or for a model of the same size: the iPhone 11 Pro Max.